Bedside Candle - Casanova - Jardins d'écrivains


Jardins d’Ecrivains candles are dedicated to the reading and the writing. The "bedside candle" are specifically designed to accompagny this divine night’s moment. Its capacity precisely diffuses the perfect intensity for such a proximity. The gleam and the perfume intensify the magic and intimate atmosphere of the reading.
It only remains to choose the perfect fragrance. 

Capacity : 2,11 fl.oz

Fruit of the almond tree, in the balsam olfactory family. An amaretto scent with unique bitter almond kernel notes.
Since ancient times, almond kernel oil has been used for its cosmetic properties.

Magnolia is a flower that is used as a raw material in fine fragrances. It has a soft, floral scent with smooth, lemony, vanilla accents.
Magnolia was the first flower to appear 100 million years ago.



Bedside Candle - Casanova

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